Our therapists believe in working from your point of view since you are the expert of your life.  Each person is unique and our approach to therapy will reflect each person's concerns and goals.  Each concern seeks a particular solution and our therapists work with you to find the solution that works best for you.


Solutions for Success Counseling Group
provides the following mental health services:


Child, Adolescent, & Adult Individual Therapy

  •   Depression & Anxiety Counseling

  •   Interpersonal Relationships Counseling

  •   Life Changes & Adjustment Counseling

  •   Self Harm / Suicidal Behavior Prevention

  •   LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Counseling

  •   Grief & Loss Counseling

  •   Anger Management

  •   Coping Skills

  •   Special Needs

  •   Life Coaching


Family Therapy 

  •   Relationships with Spouse / Partner

  •   Family Systems Counseling

  •   Sibling Conflict 

  •   Grief & Loss Counseling


Group Therapy / Social Skills Groups

  •  For teenagers and young adults

  •  Designed to develop social skills in order to improve social relationships and interactions

  • Goals include: increasing self-esteem and self-confidence in social situations (i.e. school,        work, new encounters, social gatherings, etc.), increased self-awareness, improved awareness of personal emotions and development of coping skills

  • Each group meets one day per week for 90 minutes

  • Each month will involve a planned social outing to encourage the implementation of learned social skills while under the supervision and support of the co-therapists


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Solutions for Success Counseling Group offers in-office, in-home, and distance counseling in order to meet the needs of our clients.  


Solutions for Success is partnered with Consultants for Children, Inc., a leader
in providing behavioral therapy and family advocacy, to fully support
families and individuals with special needs. 


We also offer Register Behavior Technician training through RBT Autism. Check out the introductory video for more information or visit AutismBxTraining.com​



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